The Southpaw Manifesto website was a place that has been especially designed for those who are left handed. For most individuals, it is common that they use their right hand to do most of their activities, but Southpaw manifesto keeps left handed individuals in contact with the most recent news and discoveries that could influence their lives. Left handed people can read on this website about the many things that could interest them, because this website revealed truths that one may have never thought about, and all this is for individuals who primarily use their left hands when doing stuff.

The website had several permanent features which could combine entertainment with utility. For instance, left handed individuals who visited Southpaw Manifesto and their permanent features learned how to say left handed in Farsi and other 37 languages. This could be quite handy for those who are willing to travel abroad and quite interesting just to know it as a simple fact, and to improve one’s linguistic capabilities. Moreover, there was a FAQ section where left handed peoplecould find out common concerns and the answer to common or bizarre questions. Also, there was a list of famous left-handed people, and there was a test for handedness.

The Southpaw Manifesto website also provided several Southpaw Science articles that might be interesting for left handed individuals, but also for those who are right handed and simply passionate about science. Here one may learn about the most recent discoveries such as the fact that the preference for a hand is set in the womb, or that the left handedness used to be common in the Ice Age. Also, it may appear that left handers are more likely to develop bowel disease.

Southpaw offered a platform for left handers to discuss and share thoughts and experience.